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Questions ?

What is WAVES Staking ?

WAVES Staking is a transfer of WAVES assets to pool owners to earn a percentage of the payouts as a further reward from mining and also with the goal of improving the stability and security of the network.

WAVES assets are not actually being transferred to another account, they remain on the sender's balance, however, they are 'frozen' and cannot participate in the buying and selling operations, as well as they cannot be sent to another account.

At any time, the sender can 'unfreeze' assets by invoking the Cancel transaction.

The assets transferred to the staking provide the staking recipient with a greater chance of mining another block.

Why WavesFunnyNode ?
WavesFunnyNode's main idea is to secure the waves blockchain with your help with staking and getting rewards. Our pool is from 2018 and gives high performance, weekly rewards, and always be part of new features.
When will I start receiving my rewards?

Usually, WAVES begin to work less than 17 hours after they are staked.

Canceled staking will not be paid. Active stakers will get they generated rewards. Canceled stakes in that period of time will be kept for us and will be used to cover our current services expenses and futures. This would affect long-term staking. However, if you have to cancel your staking, it is recommended to cancel after a payout.

What is WAVES ?

WAVES is the main asset of the Waves blockchain. In April 2016, 100 million WAVES were issued.

What is the minimum staking amount ?

There is no minimum staking amount, if your payment amount is too small, you may not be generated a reward. We recommend staking at least 10+ WAVES per address.

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How to Stake Waves ?

It's simple, just in 3 steps


In Waves.Exchange go to "Investments" click on "WAVES Staking"

Check WavesFunnyNode"Enter Manually"

Enter the recipient address:



Enter and the amount of WAVES to stake

Hit the “Stake Waves” button

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When will I get my Waves ?

We will send you Waves every week directly to your address.

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